Get people and cargo to where they need to be, safely and efficiently, with a complete range of Alimak products from Libra-Plant. Products include industrial lifts, construction hoists & work platforms.


Libra-Plant is the sole supplier of Alimak in Southern Africa for over 30 years. We house over 40 different Alimak products, developed over 70 years and have proven ourselves in even the toughest applications. Delivering reliability, efficiency, safety and flexibility, Alimak solutions are ideal across industries – from marine and construction, to mining.

From grain silos to high-rise construction, mines to offshore platforms, no jobsite is too high, deep, complex or hostile for our Alimak products. Whether you need to purchase or rent, we will deliver a tailored vertical access solution for you, so you can move people and materials on your site quickly, safely and efficiently.

Our extensive service offering extends the operational life of your Alimak products. We improve your Alimak equipment performance by using genuine Alimak parts during maintenance operations.

Libra-Plant vertical lifting solutions increase personnel safety & improve productivity in ALL industries they are used.

Alimak in Africa

Alimak Services

You can rely on Libra-Plant for round-the-clock support, helping ensure your lifting equipment provides high performance. Only genuine spare parts are used in our upkeep for your operations.


Improve safety & productivity on your site by minimising stair-climbing, using a full range of vertical access solutions for rent.

Transport materials & people easily & safely with Libra-Plant

  • Flexible rental agreements
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Short- and long-term rental contracts
  • Fast & easy installation
  • Complete training provided