Save downtime and keep your lift operating optimally, with regular maintenance and as-and-when repairs of your Alimak vertical access solution. Proactive elevator service and support solutions ensure that Alimak owners and operators maximise their vertical access solutions’ uptime and safety. It also ensures the flow of efficient operations that enhance overall productivity, even in the most demanding applications.

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Get effective and efficient lift operations 24/7 while extending the lifecycle of your vertical access solution. This is achieved by using our comprehensive range of service contracts, as well as maintenance programmes and our repair offering.

Our service contracts provide:

  • All consumables
  • Bi-monthly or monthly services & inspections
  • Mechanical & electrical component function checks
  • Extended lift lifecycle

All of these are carried out in fast turnaround times

In addition, our services are:

  • Administered only by Alimak-experienced technicians/electricians
  • Available across sub-Saharan Africa

Our service teams strive to provide you with trouble-free operation during the life of your equipment, using fast and effective maintenance services. We also provide feedback regarding the replacement of spare parts for wear and tear.


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    Service intervals

    Service intervals are based on operating time if the hoist is used periodically. Where there are multiple starts and stops, a service interval of 60 hours will be based on the operation on low-rise buildings where the installation height is approximately 12 m or less. If the installation height is more than 18 m, the service interval can increase to 120 hours, but will not exceed once per month.

    There is a particular service and maintenance schedule that accompanies each lift and which includes items that need to be assessed at each interval. These items include safety devices and gearboxes, as well as the counter roller, for example. This service and maintenance schedule allows for appropriate checks to ensure the vertical access solution is used optimally and the lifespan is extended.

    Additional benefits of our repair and service plan offering

    Regular maintenance and service of Alimak industrial elevators and lifts contribute to improved safety, reliability, performance, longevity and cost-effectiveness. They also ensure compliance with regulations and enhance user experience.

    • Enhanced safety: Regular inspections and servicing helps identify and address any potential safety hazards, minimising the risk of accidents and ensuring the well-being of elevator users.
    • Increased reliability: Regular maintenance and service allows owners and operators to detect and rectify minor issues before they become major problems.
    • Prolonged lifespan: By addressing wear and tear, lubricating components and replacing parts as necessary, Alimak owners and operators can prevent premature deterioration and keep the vertical access elevator functioning optimally for longer.
    • Optimal performance: Cleaning, lubricating and adjusting components ensures that the lift operates at its peak performance, resulting in the smooth and efficient operation of your vertical access solution.
    • Regulatory compliance: There are various safety regulations and codes that apply to industrial elevators. Our maintenance offering and service contracts ensure your Alimak vertical access solutions from Libra-Plant meet regulatory compliance.
    • Cost savings: Regular maintenance and timely repairs can result in long-term cost savings. Identifying and resolving issues early can prevent breakdowns that may require costly repairs or component replacement.
    • Improved user experience: A well-maintained vertical access solution provides a smooth and comfortable ride and reduces the occurrence of sudden stops, noise and vibrations.

    The replacement of spare parts prior to them reaching their expiry date is based on Libra-Plant’s proactive approach. This enables reduced breakdowns and minimal downtime. Our service plans are the ideal solution for any environment.

    Extend the lifecycle of your vertical access solution, with regular, top-quality services by utilising our service plan.


    From onsite maintenance & repairs to emergency breakdown support, our service plans optimise your operation.
    • Extended lift lifecycle
    • 24/7 emergency/breakdown support
    • Genuine parts & services delivered across sub-Saharan Africa

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