Easily lift up to 2 000 kg to 100 m on any construction site.

A flexible, energy-efficient construction hoist designed to enhance productivity on low-rise & high-rise construction projects. Easily lift 2 000 kg at speeds of 36 – 90 m per minute to 180 m heights.

Using rack & pinion technology, the Alimak SC construction hoists are adaptable to a diverse range of applications. The 2 models in this range, the SC 45/30 and SC 65/32, are available with a Direct-On-Line (DOL) or Frequency Controlled (FC) motor. The SC 65/32 variant, designed for high demand operations, has an FC-S option available to it.

  • Superior ride comfort & simple to operate
  • Size: 1.4 m (W) x 3.0 m (L) or 1.5 m (W) x 3.2 m (L)
  • Capacity: 2 000 kg
  • Max. no. of persons: 16
  • Speed: 36 – 90 m / min

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    Product Features:

    Stop Next Landing Control

    A modern microprocessor hoist control system with stop-next-landing control allows for simple operation & ease of use.

    2 000 kg Payload Capacity

    Easily lift 2 000 kg to 180 m heights at speeds of 36 – 90 m per minute.

    Robust Design & Superior Car Comfort

    The robust car design enhances equipment durability and a choice of door & ramp options ensure maximum usability, while frequency control provides very smooth start & stop functionality.

    Single & Dual Car Configurations

    A choice of single or dual car configurations allows operators to select the configuration most suitable for site conditions & project objectives.

    High Efficient Helical Gearbox

    30% lower power consumption compared to competitor products, due to the high-efficiency helical gearbox, significantly reduces electricity overheads.

    Easy & Fast Installation

    No special tools are required. 4 lifting eyes, located on the car roof & 2 on the drive unit allow for easy installation & dismantling, which ensures a cost-effective & user-friendly hoist solution.

    Multiple Door Options

    Facilitates easier on- & offloading of materials & any goods requiring vertical transportation.

    High Landing Accuracy

    Facilitates easy loading & unloading of high-stacked goods or tall/lengthy materials.

    Centrally Positioned Rack

    The centrally positioned rack results in less overall system wear & tear, increasing system longevity.

    Available for rent

    Our rental fleet includes the Alimak SC Construction Hoist with its 2 000 kg capacity, which can be used for temporary requirements or short-term projects.

    • Flexible rental agreements suited to your requirements
    • Fast & easy installation
    • Complete training provided to all operations personnel

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    Lift up to 2 000 kg of goods, people or materials on any construction site.
    • Rapid lifting speed
    • Low energy consumption
    • Dual 3-motor FC drive unit with ALC control technology


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