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Use Alimak’s range of construction products together to further drive efficiencies and safety on site. Combining a construction hoist and a transport platform separates the moving stream of people and materials, increasing logistic efficiency.

Construction hoists can share the same mast as the mast climbing work platforms and transport platforms. This Construction Hoist & Transport Platform combination enhances construction site productivity.

The open cage facilitates easy movement of material, including large volumes that cannot pass a construction hoist door, and provides the option for rapidly moving people to different levels. Additional benefits, and some features, include:

  • Size: 1.4 – 4.8 m (W) x 1.6 – 3.2 m (L)
  • Capacity: 600 – 4 000 kg
  • Max. no. persons: 5
  • Speed: 12 – 54 m /min
  • Adaptable to diverse range of applications for goods & people

The combination product range, which results in shorter lead times and increases access capacity, consists of the Alimak Scando 450 and the Alimak TPM. Various car sizes, lifting heights and speeds available on request.

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    Product Features:

    Combining the Scando 450 and the TPM brings the following features into play:

    Intelligent Control

    The microprocessor-based Alimak Lift Control system ALC-II solves site logistics problems (e.g. waiting times). This is achieved by storing calls from the landings & sending the nearest hoist car to a landing to collect cargo/passengers.

    Superior Ride Comfort

    Frequency control provides very smooth start & stop with low starting current, resulting in less equipment wear & tear & improved personnel comfort, contributing to improved production processes.

    Modular Design

    The hoist car design is truly modular, offering several optional lengths & multiple door & ramp choices which facilitate easy loading & offloading of bulky materials.

    Low Power Consumption

    Greatly reduced power consumption due to the high-efficiency helical gearbox used in the Scando 450 range of construction elevators.

    Single & Dual Car Configurations

    Alimak Scando 450 can be used in single or dual car configurations, giving operators increased flexibility to ensure heightened project productivity.

    Durable & Robust Design

    Robust car design enhances equipment durability. A choice of door & ramp options ensure maximum usability.

    Multiple Choice of Doors & Ramps

    Multiple door & ramp choices thanks to the modular design facilitate easy loading & offloading.

    Small, Strong Mast

    Constructed of tubular steel with integrated rack increases mast strength & durability, while its size facilitates ease of operation.

    Multiple Mast Tie Systems

    Able to share the MCM mast climbing work platform or a TPM transport platform mast, improving accessories utilisation & increasing access capability.

    200-M Lifting Height & 4 000 kg Capacity

    Easily lift goods, materials & people weighing 600 to 4 000 kg to heights of
    200 m.

    Large Loading Volume

    Adding a platform to the construction hoist allows more volume of materials/goods or people to be raised simultaneously, contributing to increased production cycles.

    Alimak Safety Device

    Ensure safe & controlled stops if the rated hoist speed is exceeded.

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